Leather cropped top: some Bangkok local designer
Polka dot skorts: Bangkok
Pink Collar: MILKSHOP
Watermelon Leather Wedge: Wittner Australia
Tote: Moschino

I’ve been told that when I laugh, my face milks into a funny character. Well, they definitely weren’t my friend back then when I had Bugsbunny x Madonna 2 front teeth; I thought carrot was my favorite food and I can’t even differentiate the sound between ‘S’ and ‘F’.


Sew each other’s curtain

Jump like you earn RM10,000 a month! (I spot a sweat patch. LOL)

flip your hair & rock your chair back and forthShoe-cialize Acupuncture the mannequin

Life is good :)


I’ve been an annoying bitch, being up J’s ass and all about going for a getaway. Although, if I may say, is at the top of my priorities list for quite about forever.

The lovely thing about being a Malaysian IN Malaysia, is that you have 24/7 access to orgasmic local delicacies! So we took off & scootered off to my favourite island, Penang, where my paps taught me the taste of the best laksa & chee cheong fun at the very decent age of 3. I miss my paps…

Anyway, J and I checked into Lone Pine that Saturday and I had the most relaxing afternoon! Imagine being fed so full with greasy food, jet ski-ed around like I’m in a Bond movie and soaked in the warm tub at the hotel room balcony. BLISS. I would do it all over again, every weekend.


Not a big fan of neons. But Alba Prat, Jimmy Choo and Dannijo changed my stubborn mind.


First post in over 5 months! I’ve done well. So to pick up where I have left off, I am now back in Motherland Malaysia, battling the heat that I actually thoroughly enjoy, working 2 jobs but bank says no, drinking too much my belly’s in danger and surrounding myself with too many good friends until my laugh lines are evident 30 years too early!

All in all. I love KL. But I don’t know for how long more. There is still this wild wings in me that wants to fly back to Melbourne and do what I did best, roam around in freedom, sip some mocha, lurk in the back lane and scour for stranger’s pre-love. ALONE. Yes I am happy with 100% me-time.

But here in KL, me-time simply do not exist. People here stares at you when you’re alone and when you’re about to make love with your poached eggs , like you have a lifetime worth of soppy story to tell. This lack of independence makes me sad actually. But who am I to blame, I can’t even do McDonald’s drive-thru alone. Sad.


unknown source

Today’s sunshine is gorgeous! I kinda wished i have a rooftop to run to for some sun baking, picnic and a bottle of Asahi.


Things I can’t live without now : scarves, gloves and soft washed cottons.


source : unknown + Trendland

Getting fancy footwork inspiration at 2 am can be quite calming. Loving the Balenciaga <3


What we got up to last night at the Milk Shop’s shoot. I was practising my flat-lay & stack skills and failed terribly at making it look ‘real’ ! Means more hard work needs to be put into mastering this shit.

And guess what? Next week we will be launching a new range of goodies! Anticipate lots of nude/mustard colourings & playsuits. Did someone say SPRING already :)


Jodphurs – Minkpink ; Leather Clogs – Aldo ; Stripe Tail Top – December No.5 ; Furry vest – Rose St Market; Sand bag – BKK ; Cross Bone Necklace – Sara Penman Collection

Found this J.Lennon-esque gold round shades when I was travelling Thailand and just the perfect size I was going for! The ultra thin legs also made me fall in love with it right away. And say hello to my winter furry friend that looks more like a cut out floor rug. I had them for close to a year now and it has been sitting in the laundry ever since day 1 …. yeeeew.

On the not so yay part of my life: ¬†this month have been such a rough patch, and staying positive is a daily struggle. Until…….my car got smashed and broken into a couple of days ago! I can then say with assurance, June is not my month. Or 2011 is not my year! But devil can’t pin me down, no no no.

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